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Ultra-thick wall molding technology


Various features of resin lenses can be expressed, such as achieving a significant weight reduction compared to glass lenses.

A feature of our thick-wall molding is that we can also downsize molding machines using Intrusion (Flow Molding) technology. Unlike conventional injection molding, it is possible to improve the quality of molded parts to the same level as or better than that of conventional injection molding.


Resin lenses have the following advantages over glass lenses.

  • About 50% lighter than glass lenses

  • Design freedom and flexibility not possible with glass

  • Various materials can be used depending on the heat source of the light.

  • Rationalization of the manufacturing process that takes advantage of the design freedom of resin lenses








Molding example of ultra-thick wall molding technology
The lens with a diameter of 70 mm and a thickness of 31 mm is molded with a 2mm-thick gate.

A flat shape is achieved without sink marks (molding defects) on the flat surface.

Requests and consultations for work related to thick molding
1. Manufacture of molded products (we ask for orders from mold manufacturing)
*In the case of the supply type, the quality may not meet your expectations.
2. We can also manufacture non-transparent products (colored products, etc.).
3. Manufacture and sale of prototype molds
*Actual production of hot runner mold that we also have achievements.
(It will be a development project depending on the required quality)
4. Prototype verification using existing customer-owned molds
5. Prototype verification of resin materials using molds owned by our company
6. Special intrusion/flow molding technology support
*This technology involves modification of the injection molding machine. Please contact us for details.

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