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When the test piece is filled from the two-point gate at both ends, a weld is formed in the center, and in a tensile test, it generally breaks at the weld. When our orientation control is applied, the orientation of the weld changes so much that parts other than the weld may break.

In this case, the test piece weld strength of long fiber reinforced plastic is improved to 5 times that of the standard product. Our orientation control technology can be applied not only to long fiber reinforced resins, but also to metallic colored resins, PP + talc, and other filler-added materials. Currently, we are also developing molding technology and product development for CNF (cellulose nanofiber ) -added materials. going.

高強度軽量化 炭素繊維強化樹脂の配向制御

Example of orientation control of carbon fiber (long fiber) reinforced resin

塗装レス メタリックカラー樹脂の配向制御 色ムラ対策

Orientation control example of metallic color resin

Shigeru Takemoto -CEO- is the inventor of the patented technology for controlling the orientation of anisotropic fillers, which improves phenomena such as marked decrease in strength in welds, distortion due to uneven shrinkage, and uneven color tone. This technology has been effective for warping of molded products, and is an important technology in injection molding.

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