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Flow analysis, Mold design

As a result of placing the highest priority on reducing the cost of manufacturing molds, the number of troubles has increased.

The appearance of the molded product is diffcult to make it beautifully.

The cost of modifying the mold became high because the issues related to product design were discovered later.

Mold design does not match the resin!?

You must be an analysis engineer or designer but you'd like to learn injection molding.

It is difficult for you to understand the analysis results.

流動解析 ソリ解析

The analysis result is significantly different from the actual injection molding result!?

You have a hard time with warpage analysis.

You wonder if anyone can give a seminar in-house.

You don't know how to review product data based on analysis results.

You are in charge of analysis, but you cannot communicate well with the manufacturing site.

We are happy to receive requests and consultations for technical support.

We have provided technical diagnosis and consultation services to manufacturers who are striving to obtain the expected results in terms of manufacturing process and product quality.
Our representative is a Moldflow instructor who offers tips and techniques for many international conferences and companies. 

繊維配向解析 長繊維樹脂

* Analysis cost ¥100,000 JPY~

We will make an estimate according to the analysis content of your request.

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