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At the molding factory …

You suffer from a high defect rate.

You are perplexed because you can't determine the causes of quality defects.

You are in trouble because of unstable quality.

現場の悩み ベテラン技術者引退

What should you do to prevent warpage?

It is difficult to choose the appropriate machine.

We are happy to receive requests and consultations for technical support.

We have provided technical diagnosis and consultation services to manufacturers who are striving to obtain the expected results in terms of manufacturing process and product quality.
Our representative is a Moldflow instructor who offers tips and techniques for many international conferences and companies. 

●Technical support field

1. Development of plastic parts and products, molding technology development, resin material development, mold development
2. Reduced defect rate, increased molding cycle, countermeasures against resin lot variation, etc.
 1 Diagnosis/Mold ¥30,000~
   1 Molding condition ¥ 50,000 (basic fee) ~
  ➡Anyone can manufacture by simply calling up the saved molding conditions
 *Separate expenses
3. Support for overseas bases 
4. Streamlining the ISO of the molding factory
5. Equipment diagnosis and proposal for optimal equipment

●Workshops, instructor dispatch, educational support
1. Flow analysis
2. Resin material utilization technology
3. Molding defect countermeasures
4. Education for new employees
5. Customization according to your request

* We will make an estimate according to the contents of the consultation.

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