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Support for
International business,
Market development,
Utilizing local resources,

The following business will be outsourced to our partner company, General Incorporated Association Chikuentai.


● Overseas local procurement 
We have networks in South Korea, China, Thailand, Germany, France, and Switzerland, and we can support customers' local procurement and overseas procurement.
We will procure high-quality products in cooperation with cooperating factories in each region.
Speaking of Asia, the image of mass production may be strong, but we can also handle small lot products required for trial production and research and development.

● Support for exhibiting at overseas exhibitions
Promotion experts will make proposals that will improve the effectiveness of your exhibition and increase your sales.
Booth design and sample exhibition for companies who are not accustomed to overseas exhibitions and companies who are considering exhibitions in countries that have no experience of exhibiting

We will also propose an explanation method.


● Support for utilizing local resources

Resin = plastic, which is an organic substance, may be useful for natural resources and special products that you want to make effective use of in your area. Why don't you make something by combining your local characteristics and resin?

In fact, 97% of petroleum resources are used as fuel, and plastics contribute to the realization of a recyclable and sustainable economy. Marine plastics have become a problem these days, but they are caused by illegal dumping, and if properly disposed of, they can be recycled and can be used as a fuel supplement.

Originally, plastic is made of molecules such as hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, so please consider making effective use of it.

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