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IMIT Corporation   - I'm it -


Shigeru Takemoto - Japanese national certified Injection molding special grade engineer -

Location : 2-22-10 Minamikamata, Ota-city, Tokyo 144-0035, Japan

TEL : +81-50-3746-8911


Established : March 26, 2020

Capital : 3 million yen

Support results

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Marubeni Corporation, Dyson Corporation, SUBARU Corporation, Samsung Japan Research Laboratories, Haier Asia R & D Corporation, BECKHOFF Automation Japan, etc.

About us

Message from CEO

We have a high level of expertise in the field of injection molding technology development, such as improving weld strength through orientation control and improving appearance defects. We believe that the potential of resin products has great potential to contribute to the realization of the SDGs, and we are continuing to take on the challenge of developing that make use of materials such as cellulose nanofiber and natural material filler like wood.

Coordination of molding, molds, resins and machines is not an easy task. As an integrator that also includes flow analysis to solve problems, we also provide support that contributes to improving customer productivity and quality, so please feel free to contact IMIT - I'm it - Corporation.

竹元 茂 竹元茂 射出成形インテグレータ

CEO Shigeru Takemoto

Recent Presentations by Shigeru Takemoto

・ October 2013 Tokyo / Nagoya -SCSK Flow Analysis Moldflow Seminar-

"Construction of molding technology using Moldflow"


・ April 2014 Osaka -Intermold 2014 Open Seminar-

"Examples of using Moldflow in metallic color resin molding that realizes plating-less and paint-less"

・ October 2014 Korea -Autodesk Customer Summit in Korea-

"Usage examples of Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight to realize the Plastic Parts njection Molding by the Metallic Color Tinted Materials, Without Plating and Painting."

・ June 2015-Tokyo Seimitsu Engineering Society Molded Plastic Gear Research Committee-

"Improvement of Weld Strength of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Resin by Orientation Control Molding and Its Application"

・ October 2015 Taiwan -ITRI <Industrial Technology Research Institute>-

Japan-Taiwan Industrial Cooperation Bridge Project

・ November 2015 France -PLASTINNOV ・ Forbach, Moselle, France-

"Redefining the Standards of Injection Molding"


・ June 2018 Tokyo -SCSK Manufacturing CAE Seminar 2018-

"Getting hints on molding technology / mold technology (analog) development from CAE (digital)"


・ August 2018 Tokyo -Technical Information Association-

"Classification of defective phenomena and causes in paintless metallic resin molding"

・ December 2018 Tokyo -Technical Information Association-

"Improvement of weld strength of fiber reinforced plastic by orientation control molding and its application"

・ April 2022 Contribution : "Plastics Monthly" April issue "High Quality Appearance by Orientation Control Technology" Nippon Kogyo Shuppan

・ April, May, June 2022 Contribution: "Plastics Times" 3-part series, "Molding Technology to Reduce Molding Defects" Japan Society of Plastics Technology

・October, November, December 2023 Contribution: "Plastics Times" 3-part series, "Molding Technology and Machinery and Equipment that Contribute to Molding Sites" Japan Society of Plastics Technology

May 2024 Contribution : "Plastics Monthly" May issue "Realization of Paintless High Brightness Color Products by Orientation Control Technology" Nippon Kogyo Shuppan 

・April, May, June 2024 Contribution: "Plastics Times" 3-part series, "Basics Often Overlooked in Molding Factories - A New Look at the Basics of Molding Profile Setting and Machinery and Equipment," Japan Society of Plastics Technology


* We have a wealth of experience in on-site seminars by visiting each company.

We will decide the content according to your request and visit the customer to give a seminar and lecture.

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